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In our endless journey for bolo tie innovation, we shifted our focus and energy  towards the ladies. Extensive market research encouraged us to develop a bolo - neckace hybrid, using gold chain instead of bolo cord.  When we discovered there is an actual style of chain called ROLO, we immediately ordered a roll, because YOLO.


We delved through different styles of chain, pendants, and tassels.  We developed hundreds of prototypes, creating a unique system of interchangable tassels, that was actually pretty neat.  But it was too complicated  to bring to market in time for the tassel trend.


 It was the search for simplicity as we refocused our bolo inspiration for innovation, but still unable to solve the puzzle.  It wasn't until we had our creative and serediptious 'Aha' magic moment, a bolo-breakthrough on a beautiful day in Boulder, Colorado.  


We started with a simple style of gold tasselchain. Tasselchain, by itself, is a versatile, lariat style tassel necklace.  You can wrap it around your neck, tie a  knot, and be creative with a simple, adjustable, tassel necklace.   These are now relatively available through boutiques and fast-fashion, and you can also purchase them separately here.  But the tasselchain lacked the most defining aspect of a bolo, the bolo itself.


By literally infusing the tasselchain with YOLOBOLO, we created a beautiful love child - that is ROLOBOLO- a unique, versatile, fully adjustable and interchable necklace bolo.  The energy of magnetism created  magic fashion; it was love at first sight. 










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